The Beautiful Southern Highlands

I love the Southern Highlands. It somewhere I’ve explored often with my camera.

Bowral is the largest town in the Southern Highlands and is approximately 80 minutes drive from Sydney.

The colours of the leaves were spectacular…so rich and intense. We pulled over many times on the side of the road just to photograph the beautiful trees.

We explored Bowral itself, went up to the lookout above town and then spent an hour or so wandering through an ‘open garden’….such a fabulous way to spend a Sunday 🙂

We continued on to the Kangaroo Valley which is so green…We had our lunch on a rug beside the Hampden Bridge (Australia’s oldest suspension bridge built in the 1890’s)..

I loved the bridge and the glorious river below….

We then made a quick stop at Berry for a cappuccino on the way home…

What a great day…enjoy the pics 🙂

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Photo of the Day…Winter in the Grand Canyon

It’s the first day of winter here in Australia…and I started thinking about places I’ve been that were seriously cold 🙂

The Grand Canyon is one of them. This photograph was taken from the South rim on a seriously cold winters day.

It was such a beautiful place – the scenery was absolutely stunning – snow in the foreground and the sun shining in the background on the far wall of the canyon.

I love this photograph. The clouds and sepia tone give it an almost ‘heavenly’ feel….what do you think?

Has anyone else visited the Grand Canyon in the winter?

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Photo of the day…Brooklyn Bridge, New York

I love photographing bridges. This photo was taken on the Brooklyn Bridge, New York on a VERY bleak winters day.

Completed in 1883, this suspension bridge spans the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York City.

It has six lanes for vehicles and a separate, raised pathway for use by pedestrians and cyclists.

I loved the wires, cables, the rust and the sound of the traffic beneath us as we walked across to Brooklyn.

What a magnificent structure….

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Photo of the day….The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon….what can I say? It is one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever seen. When we arrived, on this cold winters day,  the canyon was completely covered in cloud….We were just about to leave and miraculously the clouds cleared for about 30 minutes….

I took a lot of shots in that 30 minutes 🙂

Absolutely beautiful….