Photo of the day…The Bellarine Peninsula – Premium wines & stunning scenery…

Set amongst rolling paddock and vines, the Bellarine peninsula is home to some of Australia’s best boutique wineries.

This growing tourist region is located south west of Melbourne, Australia.

The wine is good. Really good.

But the scenery is spectacular. 🙂

I love this photograph.

It has many layers – the posts and dormant vines in the foreground, and the rain on the mountains across Phillip Bay in the background.

What are your thoughts on this pic?

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Photo of the day…Laying in the Vineyards, Mudgee NSW Australia

Mudgee is a beautiful historic town situated in central western NSW, Australia.

It is well known for its award winning wines but also offers gourmet food, stunning scenery and lots of great places to stay.

I photographed the town itself, and then took a drive to check out some of the wineries.

I came across this scene at the side of the road.

Just laying around, not a care in the world….. 🙂

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