A beautiful start to the day…

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been doing too much blogging lately as Im preparing for two photography exhibitions here in Sydney  – more news on that soon 🙂

But I absolutely had to to post this photo….

This is yesterday mornings sunrise here is Sydney. This pic was taken just after 6am from my back deck.

Look at the colour in that sky!  Nature at it’s best I say….

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone…




What a great start to the day….sunrise at Cronulla Beach

Sunrise really is a special time of the day.

The light is spectacular and I love nothing more than getting out on my own with my camera 🙂

This series of shots were taken at Cronulla Beach earlier this year.

I used fast and slow shutter speeds to record the movement of the water and the lone swimmer who was enjoying his early morning dip.

Do you like to get up and enjoy the sunrise?

Have a wonderful day….and don’t forget to click on the pics to view them as a slideshow 🙂

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Photo of the day….Cronulla Beach Sunrise, Sydney, Australia

I was asked by a client to photograph the sunrise on her sons 40th birthday and put the shot onto canvas.

What a memorable gift for his birthday.

Cronulla Beach was breathtaking at the beginning of a new day….

It really doesn’t get much better than this …. 🙂