Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens & things I saw from the road….

I haven’t been to the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens for years. Last Sunday we decided to take a leisurely drive up into the Blue Mountains to revisit these beautiful gardens…

Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens are situated on the Bells Line of Road via Bilpin. Its about a two hour drive from Sydney and really worth the effort.

The views over the blue mountains are gorgeous, lots of clear, crisp, mountain air (in fact a bit too crisp – it was only 8 degrees!) and that beautiful blue haze…hmm…I love it..

The gardens are beautiful, lots of levels and styles and some really magnificent flowers.

We stayed for lunch and wandered around the entire garden…of course I took lots of pics. 🙂

On the way home I spotted an old sawmill complete with lots of old trucks and machinery. These trucks look like someone just parked them, got out and they have never been driven since….I love the rust, the colours and textures and all the old bits and pieces..

The sawmill still has the saw and a piece of wood on the conveyor belt ready to be sawn….

I wonder what happened here? What closed the place down so suddenly?

Our last stop was Kurrajong…St Gregory’s Church was just asking to be photographed in the late afternoon light… 🙂

I hope you enjoy the pics…

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A Beautiful Garden….

When David Bugeja asked me to travel up to Mackay to photograph his beloved garden, I jumped at the chance. A whole lot of time, passion and effort has gone into landscaping his entire block of land into a tropical paradise.

There are plants everywhere.  When he ran out of room on his existing block, he bought the block of land next door and kept planting!!

The garden is so lush and green, with lots of beautiful shapes and colours…I absolutely loved photographing it!

I am going to create some fantastic aluminium prints with these photos, which will be displayed in the outdoor spa area at the back of his home.

Aluminium prints are absolutely awesome. Your image is embedded directly into the aluminium. They feature durable archival quality plus the ultra gloss surface gives saturated colour and unbelievable detail. They are also weatherproof, scratchproof ,waterproof, lightweight and super easy to hang!

Do you have a garden that you would like photographed? I would love to help you create some fantastic wall art for your outdoor area!

Please contact me at

Thanks David…It was great catching up with you, Deb and the boys.

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