Whale Tails and Spectacular Breeches….

Whale Watching. Its something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

In April I won the photography competition via Whale Watching Sydney’s facebook page..

With Sydney putting on a magnificent winter day, we secured our spot on the boat with the hope of seeing some sort of whale activity.

Our harbour is always magnificent and today was no different. I never tire of looking at the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge or Fort Denison.

We sped out through the heads and spotted our first whales about 8 miles out to sea.

The whales migrating south are usually found further out to sea in the East Australian Current.

This strong southerly current carries the whales during their southern migration to Antarctica.

There were two humpback whales and they gave us quite a show for a few hours.

These beautiful gentle mammals are a wonder to see. I loved just being near them.

And of course the camera was going click click click 🙂

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Nelson Bay…still an unspoilt paradise…

I love travelling to a new destination that really exceeds my expectations.

Nelson Bay did exactly that for me. I had heard about it for years and years but had never taken the time to visit.

This fantastic area is just under 3 hours north of Sydney.

Situated on the southern side of Port Stephens, this really is an unspoilt paradise with everything you need for a relaxing holiday.

We stayed at Fingal Bay, which is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen…

There are plenty of excellent accomodation and dining options scattered throughout the area that would suit everyones budget.

Watersports, diving, dolphin watching and fishing are some of many water based activities that everyone can enjoy in this fantastic location.

What did I enjoy most? The laid back atmosphere of the whole area. For a holiday destination that is situated so close to Sydney it has developed somewhat, but still retains its charm from days gone by.

Enjoy the pics….. 🙂

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Photo of the day…Absolute Paradise

This photo is one of my favourites…

The Cook Islands are absolute paradise. This is the view that I looked at from my beachfront bungalow for 10 days….

Tough huh?

have a great weekend everyone..


Bondi to Bronte…

Last Sunday morning we did the Bondi to Bronte walk. It was the most beautiful morning, lots of people were out and about swimming, running, walking and just enjoying the sunshine..I took lots of photos…these are my favourites…

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