Photo of the day…Is that T Rex I see?

You could be forgiven for thinking this photograph was taken on location of ‘Jurassic Park.’ Or the series ‘Lost’ for that matter.

Its neither.

Its the interior of ‘Raratonga’ – the largest and most populated island of the ‘Cook Islands’ group.

It was so green and so humid up there. We were just below Mt Te Rua Manga, the highest peak on the island. (658 m above sea level)

The jungle was so lush and the green really was as vivid as shown in this photo…. 🙂

Just breathtaking…..

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Photo of the day…The Road Ahead

As a photographer, I love to explore the country side.

This photo was taken on a road trip from Mudgee to Hill End, NSW.

Its classic Australian landscape.

Beautiful isn’t it?

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Photography Competition

Hi everyone,

I’ve entered one of my favourite photos into a competition run by ‘The Weather Channel Australia’ on FACEBOOK.

This shot was taken early morning at Clovelly Beach, Sydney. We had been experiencing high seas all week. On this particular morning, the light was fantastic and the water looked like glass. It was beautiful!

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‎331. Christine Bernasconin – Clovelly Beach, Sydney, NSW