More from the ‘Grateful Project’

Hi everyone,

There is always something to be grateful for – for me over the past few days it’s been my daily meditation, a beautiful drive and meeting a whole lot of wonderful, passionate people.

What are you grateful for today?

It’s not too late to join ‘The Grateful Project.’

Join me by taking a photo every day for a month of something you are grateful for!

This exercise will help with your photography creativity PLUS it’s great food for the soul.

If you’d like to be involved, Just post a photo everyday of something you’re grateful for onto the Christine Bernasconi Photography Facebook page {click here}.

‘Like’ the page and include the hashtag #berngratefulproject in the description and write a few words underneath telling the story of your photo….

If you are not on facebook, you can email me your daily photo to Don’t forget to tell me what you are grateful for!!

Enjoy the pics 🙂

Day fourteen  – I’m grateful for my daily meditation. It leaves me feeling centred, focused and most of all peaceful.


Day fifteen – I’m grateful for our drive to Canberra on such a gorgeous day.


Day sixteen  – I’m grateful to all the wonderful people I met in Canberra over the weekend who joined me on a photography tour..


Canberra – Our nations capital – as good as ever!

Canberra – Our nations capital…The negatives? Cold. Really cold. And too many roundabouts.

The positives? You can gain access to some of our most iconic buildings, memorials and museums including The High Court of Australia. The War Memorial. Parliament House. The Embassies. And many more. Visually its absolutely fantastic!

As a photographer I was blown away by what I was able to do within these buildings. I was able to use my tripod and was actually welcomed into these spaces with my camera. Nothing was an issue…it was really amazing. I live in a time where there are so many places I can’t go with my camera.

You really MUST plan a trip to Canberra. Everywhere we visited had FREE ADMISSION.

On the way we called into Collector, a tiny historic township situated half way between Goulburn and Canberra. It was so quaint. We had a coffee there and turned into a side street to get back to the highway…thats when we found the cemetery 🙂

We travelled past what was ‘Lake George’. It was very different to what I remember as a child…..The wind turbines weren’t there for a start……

Our first stop in Canberra was the High Court of Australia. A really interesting building with lots of layers and angles, ramps and stairways, beautiful, colourful artworks.

I loved it…

The Australian War Memorial, its one of my all time favourite places. I love the actual building itself and the way you can look straight down to Parliament House. Its so ordered and structured. We spent quite a while checking out the various areas of the memorial and LOVED hearing the Last Post played at 4.50pm during the closing ceremony.

Parliament House sits majestically on Capital Hill. There are over 4,700 rooms of which many are open to the public. I took lots of shots in and around the main foyer area, other areas of the building and from outside. It is just FANTASTIC!

So get yourself to Canberra – it truly is a wonderful educational experience!!

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