Japan..glorious gardens and the elusive Geisha

Japan…such a wonderful diverse place. Its been two years since I visited and I miss so many things about this beautiful country.

The people.

They are warm, friendly and unbelievably polite.

The food.

Its fantastic, cheap and plentiful.

The gardens.

We were there in the autumn. The colours of the leaves were so rich and dark. Absolutely glorious.


And the Geisha….We spent a couple of nights in the Gion district of Kyoto trying to track them down. They are fast and very adept at avoiding the camera. 🙂

Nevertheless our patience paid off. The different colour kimono’s, the make up and the ancient tradition and culture behind these women made them a joy to photograph…

I even managed to get one geisha to give me a half smile and look at the camera!


Have you been to Japan? What are your favourite memories?

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Photo of the day….The Big Issue

I love black and white photography. Its ageless.

I love the tones, the contrast and the way the ‘story’ of the photograph isn’t always immediately obvious.

This shot was taken on the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

I’m a huge John Lennon fan, so was quick to notice his face on the front of the magazine.

The ‘Big Issue’ was commemorating the 30th anniversary of Lennons death.

It really is one of my favourite photos…I hope you like it too… 🙂

So, tell me, what do you love about black and white photography?

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Photo of the Day….Autumn – Osaka style…

This is Osaka Castle, Japan. This awesome structure was originally constructed in 1583 and is Osaka’s most famous landmark.

I was there on a beautiful autumn morning. The reflections in the moat and the rich colour of the trees are what stopped me and got my camera clicking 🙂

Heres another version of the photograph – oil painting style…I really like it, what do you think?

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Photo of the day…..Trees – in all their glory…

Its Autumn in Sydney, Australia at the moment  – my favourite time of the year  – and its beautiful. 🙂

As I drive around our city, all I’ve been doing is ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over the colours of the trees during the change of seasons.

So it got me thinking about trees and how much I love them…their grandness, the way they ‘change’ through the seasons, the way they nourish the earth….

The photo on the left was taken in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens.

This tree is truly fantastic…you can get an idea of how big it is by looking at the two people laying under it. I wonder how long its been there, overlooking Farm Cove?

The pic on the right was taken in Tokyo, Japan during the autumn. The colours of the leaves on this tree were so intense –  so full of rich, vibrant colour.

Whats your favourite season?

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Photo of the day…Todaii Temple, Nara Japan

Todaii Temple is situated in Nara Japan.

Buddhists and followers light incense as an offering to Buddha and as a mark of respect.

I love this photo….to me it signifies tradition, culture and belief.