Photo of the day…Is that T Rex I see?

You could be forgiven for thinking this photograph was taken on location of ‘Jurassic Park.’ Or the series ‘Lost’ for that matter.

Its neither.

Its the interior of ‘Raratonga’ – the largest and most populated island of the ‘Cook Islands’ group.

It was so green and so humid up there. We were just below Mt Te Rua Manga, the highest peak on the island. (658 m above sea level)

The jungle was so lush and the green really was as vivid as shown in this photo…. 🙂

Just breathtaking…..

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Photo of the day….enchanting water lilies….

Hi everyone,
I thought I’d finish the week off with a beautiful photograph for you to enjoy over the weekend.

This water lily is PERFECT 🙂

This beautiful scene was right near my hotel room in the Cook Islands.

I took lots of shots and I patiently waited for the bee to fly in and hover close to the flower….

I also love the colour in this photograph – especially the lilac, it’s so soft and beautiful…..

Have a great weekend. 🙂


Hunter Valley – Dalwood House…

I really had forgotten how beautiful the Hunter Valley was. I recently shot a couple of weddings up there, so I had some time to have a good look around.

These photographs are of the original Wyndham Estate homestead – Dalwood House. This beautiful home was built in the early 1800’s and is currently undergoing restoration.

I spent about an hour wandering around the property taking photos and imagining what it must have been like here, all those years ago……

beautiful home from days gone bye.