Assistance Dogs Australia Graduation Day Sydney

Assistance dogs Australia is a national charity which trains Labradors and Golden Retrievers to help people with disabilities, providing them with greater freedom and independence.

These photos were taken at this years Sydney Graduation ceremony in Martin Place – where the pups were handed over from their ‘puppy raiser’ to their intended recipient 🙂

What a wonderful event it was. The fabulous Tim McCallum was the MC for the event and sang some beautiful songs that really tied the event together – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house – including mine…

Thanks for all you do Assistance Dogs Australia. I LOVE being around the dogs and am so grateful to be a part of your team  

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Wilbur & Woody…Assistance Dogs to the Rescue….

I know I’ve said this before, but photographing beautiful labradors and Golden Retrievers is SO MUCH FUN!!

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing ‘Woody’ & ‘Wilbur’ for Assistance Dogs Australia. my favourite organisation:)

These two 16 week old labradors {who are SO super cute} are involved in a new Assistance Dogs initiative – helping children with Autism.

The program is called ‘PAWS’ – Parents Autism Workshop and Support. For more info click here.

The pups are placed with a ‘Puppy Educator’ at 8 weeks of age to share experiences and offer help to a child with autism on a day to day basis.

These pups were gorgeous….enjoy the pics:)

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Update on my book – ‘Paws for Thought’

unnamedLast week I told you all about ‘Paws for Thought’ – my first real book. I’m still SUPER excited 🙂

I have had such a huge response to the book, but for any of you that actually tried to order it via the online link, there was a glitch!!

The website has been fixed now, however there is no ‘free shipping’ as I stated in my last post.

I have purchased a number of copies of the book and am more than happy to post a copy to you anywhere in Australia @ $14.99 with FREE POSTAGE.

Please contact me at to order YOUR copy.

Remember, a percentage of each sale from this ‘pawsome’ book goes directly to Assistance Dogs Australia.

‘Paws for Thought’ is also available in the following bookstores @ $14.99.



Angus and Robertson

Booktopia (online store)




Thanks again everyone for your support 🙂

Click here to order via the publisher.

Paws for Thought – my first real book :) :)

unnamed To say that I’m chuffed doesn’t cut it…Super proud? Getting closer…Incredibly honoured? You bet!!

Assistance Dogs Australia, Christine Bernasconi Photography and a group of dedicated volunteers have created the most gorgeous book ever – Paws for Thought.

This book is full of 80 adorable colour/ black and white photos of puppies and dogs together with witty captions.

These incredible dogs aptly learn how to become an extra pair of hands – from loading a washing machine, opening and closing doors, pressing the pedestrian button at lights – to improving communication, empathy and motor skills of a child diagnosed with autism.

This book is the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day or anytime 🙂

And it costs just $14.99 plus postage.

A percentage of each sale from this ‘pawsome’ book goes directly to Assistance Dogs Australia.

So if you want to do something for an organisation that is SUPER valuable to the community and very close to my heart… then grab a copy of this book..

Click here to order your copy now!!

Did I tell you it’s also been released in the UK and the States?

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

All photography by Christine Bernasconi 🙂

Some more pics from the ‘Grateful Project’

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a wonderful weekend away in Canberra, a trip to the beach and lunch with a wonderful friend…

What are you grateful for in your life?

It’s not too late to join ‘The Grateful Project.’

Join me by taking a photo every day for a month of something you are grateful for!

This exercise will help with your photography creativity PLUS it’s great food for the soul.

If you’d like to be involved, Just post a photo everyday of something you’re grateful for onto the Christine Bernasconi Photography Facebook page {click here}.

‘Like’ the page and include the hashtag #berngratefulproject in the description and write a few words underneath telling the story of your photo….

If you are not on facebook, you can email me your daily photo to Don’t forget to tell me what you are grateful for!!

Enjoy the pics 🙂

Day ten  – I’m grateful for the beautiful flowers and colour I experienced at Floriade in Canberra..


Day eleven  – I’m grateful for the men that fought for us and make me proud to be an Australian.


Day twelve  – I’m grateful for an afternoon at ‘Little Austi’ with Ray and Molly…The weather was fantastic and Molly LOVED her first visit to the beach.


Day thirteen  – I’m grateful for my lovely friend Voula. Our friendship is so special. We pick up where we left off and connect with each other so well. She always makes me smile.

2014-09-17 08.41.33

Thanks for the good times Dame Quentin Bryce

It’s been a long road as a photographer.

Getting noticed and getting your name out there is a big part of the process.

I have worked tirelessly for Assistance Dogs Australia and Dame Quentin Bryce was the first ‘famous person’ I photographed.

I was part of a media contingent and was {looking back} way out of my league.

She was an absolute class act.

She was warm, considerate and absolutely cared about every single person she met.

I was the new kid on the block and she new that…

I took her to a more photographic place at Yarralumla to take a portrait of her with her namesake assistance dog ‘Quentin.”


She couldn’t have been more accomodating.

I got a great shot which subsequently raised my profile as a photographer.

Thanks Quentin, I personally want to wish you all the best. You made me feel ‘normal’ and made me feel as is ‘famous people’ were normal too.

I had the privilege of photographing her another few times during her role as Governor General and I really thank Assistance Dogs Australia for giving me the opportunity to photograph such a high profile Australian.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today is the day she exits her role as ‘Governor General of Australia.’ Thanks for all you’ve given us as a female Governor General of Australia, you are a wonderful woman and I really enjoyed meeting you.

enjoy the family and the grandkids….and by the way, pink is also my favourite colour….

yours sincerely


Chris Bernasconi



Training a GORGEOUS Super Puppy

As you all know, I work as a volunteer photographer for Assistance Dogs Australia .

They are a wonderful organisation who train Labradors and Golden Retrievers to help people with physical disabilities lead more independent lives.

Training a super puppy costs $27,000 and takes two years to train.

This beautiful puppy, Opal is lucky to have Caroline as a puppy raiser. Opal regularly attends puppy training classes and also goes out on field trips with the Assistance Dogs K9 team. Opal will come back to the National Training Centre when she is approx 14 months old to start her ‘Advanced Training’, and will be matched up with a suitable recipient when she is approx 2 years old as either a Service Dog, Companion Dog or a Facility Dog

If the K9 team decide that a dog won’t be suitable as an Assistance Dog, it is released from the program. There is a lengthy waiting list of people for these highly trained ‘Release Dogs.’

Aren’t they just a fantastic organisation? I am so lucky to be involved with them and I just LOVE being around the puppies 🙂

Thanks to Ryan (my eldest son :)) for assisting me at the shoot and providing some of these photos.

If you would like more information about making a donation, becoming a puppy raiser, or just finding out what this organisation is all about, click here.

Enjoy the pics. Click on the first pic to view all the pics as a slideshow.

Chris 🙂