Photo of the Day….Lights on – and they were SPECTACULAR!!

Vivid Sydney has again taken over our city. This annual festival is in it’s 4th year and transforms Sydney into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas. Some of Sydney’s iconic buildings are lit up magically with some VERY sophisticated 3D light shows.

This photo was taken last night in front of Customs House – a beautiful sandstone building that is a real favourite of mine 🙂

This state of the art production amazed everyone who watched the building magically come to life and explode with colour.

I absolutely LOVED it  – click, click, click…. 🙂



Photo of the day….Glorious colour

I’m the kind of photographer that loves colour..

This is one of my favourite photos. Each year during Sydney’s ‘Vivid’ Festival, many of our prominent buildings are lit up in glorious colour..

This is Customs House, in the pouring rain, and yes, I stood there for quite a while waiting for just the right moment… 🙂