Photo of the day…Is that T Rex I see?

You could be forgiven for thinking this photograph was taken on location of ‘Jurassic Park.’ Or the series ‘Lost’ for that matter.

Its neither.

Its the interior of ‘Raratonga’ – the largest and most populated island of the ‘Cook Islands’ group.

It was so green and so humid up there. We were just below Mt Te Rua Manga, the highest peak on the island. (658 m above sea level)

The jungle was so lush and the green really was as vivid as shown in this photo…. 🙂

Just breathtaking…..

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Photo of the day….Twilight weaves its beautiful magic…..

I was lucky enough to visit the Cook Islands for 10 wonderful days. We stayed at the Pacific Resort, Raratonga. It was glorious. Absolutely glorious.

The food at the hotel’s outdoor restaurant was delectable and most nights I wore no shoes & a sarong to dinner…Such a beautiful, relaxing feeling to be barefoot in the sand.

The island of Oneroa looked so beautiful in the twilight.  It is such a romantic island and many couples come here for their wedding ceremony.

I just sat back, sipped my wine and enjoyed the view…..

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Photo of the day…Absolute Paradise

This photo is one of my favourites…

The Cook Islands are absolute paradise. This is the view that I looked at from my beachfront bungalow for 10 days….

Tough huh?

have a great weekend everyone..



Hi everyone

The first 3 months of this year have been flat out. I’ve been really busy editing some pics that I really want to share with you…

These are my favourite shots from The Cook Islands, a place with stunning scenery and beautiful people…

All of these images would make stunning canvas prints or acrylic blocks for your home or office…

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