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How are you all? Wow, what a busy few weeks it’s been…So much has been going on with click.walk.learn…read on to find out all the news and info and how you can learn more about photography and your camera 🙂

First of all I received a wonderful testimonial this morning from a student who joined me on a tour of Cockatoo Island….

“I’ve always been told I have an OK eye for photography but I have to take lots of photos of the same thing to find something that looks good. The biggest problem of this was that I always shot in auto mode despite having a Canon DSLR camera, so naturally I don’t know what the camera has done to make it look good…
Auto mode is exactly what Christine Bernasconi of Click, Walk Learn Photography Tours promised I will never use again! With a 30 minute run through of how to set the camera to Aperture Priority mode we were off and away around picturesque Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour with Christine pointing out potential shoots with gentle guidance on what might make the shot a winner.
Aperture, depth of field, exposure compensation, even black and white – it was all informative and understandable. And what I loved was that the tour wasn’t rigid, if I saw something off to the side I could just wander away and experiment before finding my way back to the group. Christine also knows her cameras and was very patient when explaining something that took my head a while to get around.
A week later I had my critique back with very encouraging words and further advice on what I could try with the shot again in the future. Also I found friends and family who have liked my photos from the past, LOVED the photos from this tour. So if you want to simply and easily learn how to get off Auto Mode all the while exploring some great locations and taking amazing shots then I can’t recommend Click Walk Learn Photograph Tours with Christine Bernasconi enough.
And Christine was right, I will never use Auto Mode again!”

Glenn Martin, Canberra

Phew, that blew my head off!! Thanks so much Glenn, here are some of his pics, I’m sure you’ll agree, he’s a natural and has a wonderful eye for photography…..

I have had a tour on Cockatoo Island, a couple of private tours and have designed a new tour at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. This advanced tour is designed to make YOU a better photographer….
It’s for anyone thats done a basic tour with me (or who knows their stuff) and wants to up their skills. We will explore portraiture (of animals – of course) plus continuous focusing and the use of polarizing filters…The date is set for the Saturday 17th May, if you’re interested, navigate here to find out all the details and secure your booking.
My next tour basic photography tour (for everyone) is at The Rocks on Saturday 29th March…..if you want to learn more about your camera and photography…navigate here to join me and explore the wonderful world of your camera.

I’m also in the process of releasing a few other tours outside of Sydney and can’t wait to share all the info with you…

Last, but not least, here’s a pic of me explaining how to photograph a ‘hills hoist’ taken by the lovely Sophie…..(really does that need explanation?)…

Cockatoo_March 8_2014 175

For now though, I have a full tour of Canberra tomorrow for some SUPER enthusiastic photographers in our nations capital Canberra…I can’t wait to get there…

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Canberra – Our nations capital – as good as ever!

Canberra – Our nations capital…The negatives? Cold. Really cold. And too many roundabouts.

The positives? You can gain access to some of our most iconic buildings, memorials and museums including The High Court of Australia. The War Memorial. Parliament House. The Embassies. And many more. Visually its absolutely fantastic!

As a photographer I was blown away by what I was able to do within these buildings. I was able to use my tripod and was actually welcomed into these spaces with my camera. Nothing was an issue…it was really amazing. I live in a time where there are so many places I can’t go with my camera.

You really MUST plan a trip to Canberra. Everywhere we visited had FREE ADMISSION.

On the way we called into Collector, a tiny historic township situated half way between Goulburn and Canberra. It was so quaint. We had a coffee there and turned into a side street to get back to the highway…thats when we found the cemetery 🙂

We travelled past what was ‘Lake George’. It was very different to what I remember as a child…..The wind turbines weren’t there for a start……

Our first stop in Canberra was the High Court of Australia. A really interesting building with lots of layers and angles, ramps and stairways, beautiful, colourful artworks.

I loved it…

The Australian War Memorial, its one of my all time favourite places. I love the actual building itself and the way you can look straight down to Parliament House. Its so ordered and structured. We spent quite a while checking out the various areas of the memorial and LOVED hearing the Last Post played at 4.50pm during the closing ceremony.

Parliament House sits majestically on Capital Hill. There are over 4,700 rooms of which many are open to the public. I took lots of shots in and around the main foyer area, other areas of the building and from outside. It is just FANTASTIC!

So get yourself to Canberra – it truly is a wonderful educational experience!!

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Photo of the day…Beautiful red Tulips

I love tulips..

Actually I love all flowers….especially when they are super colourful.

This shot was taken at ‘Floriade’, Australia’s largest flower festival held in Canberra each year in September.

It is a great place to enjoy the flowers and take lots of pics 🙂

I hope all the Mums had a great ‘Mothers Day’ yesterday and enjoyed their special day.

I know I did…