Autumn Colours – Mount Wilson NSW

Don’t you just love autumn? The colours, the textures and the way the plants change….

This year in Sydney we’ve had a really warm autumn….25 degree days – for the last couple of weeks – even as I speak – today is going to be 25 degrees again!!

I thought I might have been a bit late to head up to Mount Wilson and photograph the colours…but they surprised me….when you are way up high the temperature really does its thing to the trees and landscape…

Here are some pics I took yesterday at two ‘Open Gardens’ at Mount Wilson…. ‘Windy Ridge’ and ‘Breenhold’  – Ray and I really enjoyed soaking up nature and being in the open spaces of these awesome properties.

I shot with two cameras {Canon 5d mk 11 and 5d mk 111} – I had my 24-105mm and my 100mm macro on both canon cameras – {thanks Ray for helping me with them.}

Remember to click on each photo to enjoy a large view…




Autumn really is SO, SO beautiful…check out these pics from the Southern Highlands of NSW

Getting out and about with my camera is one of my favourite things…

Last weekend, the Southern Highlands Botanical Gardens hosted the ‘Autumn Open Gardens’ weekend…

We visited the area last Sunday and for me, it totally nourished my soul and had me clicking like crazy 🙂

The first garden we visited at Bowral was ‘Bellagio’…WOW…who lives like that? They had a lake, an outdoor kitchen that looked like my indoor kitchen and two waterfalls…unbelievable!!

We also visited three other gardens in the rain and practised ‘what to do’ when the rain falls in relation to photography….hmmm…that was interesting 🙂

During the rain especially, we practised ‘macro’ photography…It is SO technical and had all of us on our toes…

Macro is an area of photography that I particularly love…as you focus on a ‘small’ area of a scene…lots of new ‘subjects’ come to light…..

Flowers, plants, statues and garden beds were all photographed..

Enjoy the pics..

Click on the first pic to start the slideshow….


Japan..glorious gardens and the elusive Geisha

Japan…such a wonderful diverse place. Its been two years since I visited and I miss so many things about this beautiful country.

The people.

They are warm, friendly and unbelievably polite.

The food.

Its fantastic, cheap and plentiful.

The gardens.

We were there in the autumn. The colours of the leaves were so rich and dark. Absolutely glorious.


And the Geisha….We spent a couple of nights in the Gion district of Kyoto trying to track them down. They are fast and very adept at avoiding the camera. 🙂

Nevertheless our patience paid off. The different colour kimono’s, the make up and the ancient tradition and culture behind these women made them a joy to photograph…

I even managed to get one geisha to give me a half smile and look at the camera!


Have you been to Japan? What are your favourite memories?

Don’t forget to click on the photos to enlarge them.

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The Beautiful Southern Highlands

I love the Southern Highlands. It somewhere I’ve explored often with my camera.

Bowral is the largest town in the Southern Highlands and is approximately 80 minutes drive from Sydney.

The colours of the leaves were spectacular…so rich and intense. We pulled over many times on the side of the road just to photograph the beautiful trees.

We explored Bowral itself, went up to the lookout above town and then spent an hour or so wandering through an ‘open garden’….such a fabulous way to spend a Sunday 🙂

We continued on to the Kangaroo Valley which is so green…We had our lunch on a rug beside the Hampden Bridge (Australia’s oldest suspension bridge built in the 1890’s)..

I loved the bridge and the glorious river below….

We then made a quick stop at Berry for a cappuccino on the way home…

What a great day…enjoy the pics 🙂

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Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens & things I saw from the road….

I haven’t been to the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens for years. Last Sunday we decided to take a leisurely drive up into the Blue Mountains to revisit these beautiful gardens…

Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens are situated on the Bells Line of Road via Bilpin. Its about a two hour drive from Sydney and really worth the effort.

The views over the blue mountains are gorgeous, lots of clear, crisp, mountain air (in fact a bit too crisp – it was only 8 degrees!) and that beautiful blue haze…hmm…I love it..

The gardens are beautiful, lots of levels and styles and some really magnificent flowers.

We stayed for lunch and wandered around the entire garden…of course I took lots of pics. 🙂

On the way home I spotted an old sawmill complete with lots of old trucks and machinery. These trucks look like someone just parked them, got out and they have never been driven since….I love the rust, the colours and textures and all the old bits and pieces..

The sawmill still has the saw and a piece of wood on the conveyor belt ready to be sawn….

I wonder what happened here? What closed the place down so suddenly?

Our last stop was Kurrajong…St Gregory’s Church was just asking to be photographed in the late afternoon light… 🙂

I hope you enjoy the pics…

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Photo of the Day….Autumn – Osaka style…

This is Osaka Castle, Japan. This awesome structure was originally constructed in 1583 and is Osaka’s most famous landmark.

I was there on a beautiful autumn morning. The reflections in the moat and the rich colour of the trees are what stopped me and got my camera clicking 🙂

Heres another version of the photograph – oil painting style…I really like it, what do you think?

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Photo of the day…..Trees – in all their glory…

Its Autumn in Sydney, Australia at the moment  – my favourite time of the year  – and its beautiful. 🙂

As I drive around our city, all I’ve been doing is ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over the colours of the trees during the change of seasons.

So it got me thinking about trees and how much I love them…their grandness, the way they ‘change’ through the seasons, the way they nourish the earth….

The photo on the left was taken in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens.

This tree is truly fantastic…you can get an idea of how big it is by looking at the two people laying under it. I wonder how long its been there, overlooking Farm Cove?

The pic on the right was taken in Tokyo, Japan during the autumn. The colours of the leaves on this tree were so intense –  so full of rich, vibrant colour.

Whats your favourite season?

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Photo of the day…The road into town, Hill End NSW Australia

Hill End is a former gold mining town in the heart of central west NSW.

To me it is a very special place. It reminds me of my childhood and all the camping trips we used to do around this part of NSW with my Father.

It is also rich in history and during the gold rush of the 1850’s was a thriving town.

Modern day Hill End still holds all its charm and is a fabulous place to visit.

This photograph was taken on the outskirts of town during Autumn, my favourite season of the year…….

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Our city of Sydney….

Sydney really is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world…This shot was taken on a glorious Autumn day from the rooftop of one of my favourite hotels, Sheraton on the Park…

Remember to click on the shot for a larger view of the photo.