Photo of the day….The ride of my life

“You can sit centre front” said the pilot.

I couldn’t get into the chopper quick enough and I tried not to smile too much.

It was my first helicopter flight and I was just a little bit excited 🙂

Due to weight distribution in the cabin, this photographer had to sit in the best seat in the house 🙂

We were flying from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Grand Canyon, Arizona taking in Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and finally landing in the magnificent Grand Canyon.

I loved every moment of that flight but NOTHING prepared me for the view. The feeling of being high above the world and taking in some of the most magnificent scenery I’ve ever laid eyes on was truly memorable.

At maximum water capacity, Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States. It is situated on the Colorado River and crosses the states of Nevada and Arizona. Formed by the Hoover Dam, it boasts an impressive 410 square kms of surface area, and measures approx 152 meters at its greatest depth.

Drought has caused the capacity of Lake Mead to drop significantly over the past decade.

I love this photo. Look at the colour of that water!! It was so beautiful…

I love the browns and ochre colour of the landscape and the obvious mark left by the receding shore line..

Have you flown in a helicopter? I’d love to hear your story and what you saw on your adventure.

Thanks to Mat from Maverick Helicopters

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Photo of the day…Is that T Rex I see?

You could be forgiven for thinking this photograph was taken on location of ‘Jurassic Park.’ Or the series ‘Lost’ for that matter.

Its neither.

Its the interior of ‘Raratonga’ – the largest and most populated island of the ‘Cook Islands’ group.

It was so green and so humid up there. We were just below Mt Te Rua Manga, the highest peak on the island. (658 m above sea level)

The jungle was so lush and the green really was as vivid as shown in this photo…. 🙂

Just breathtaking…..

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Photo of the day…The Bellarine Peninsula – Premium wines & stunning scenery…

Set amongst rolling paddock and vines, the Bellarine peninsula is home to some of Australia’s best boutique wineries.

This growing tourist region is located south west of Melbourne, Australia.

The wine is good. Really good.

But the scenery is spectacular. 🙂

I love this photograph.

It has many layers – the posts and dormant vines in the foreground, and the rain on the mountains across Phillip Bay in the background.

What are your thoughts on this pic?

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Photo of the day….Twilight weaves its beautiful magic…..

I was lucky enough to visit the Cook Islands for 10 wonderful days. We stayed at the Pacific Resort, Raratonga. It was glorious. Absolutely glorious.

The food at the hotel’s outdoor restaurant was delectable and most nights I wore no shoes & a sarong to dinner…Such a beautiful, relaxing feeling to be barefoot in the sand.

The island of Oneroa looked so beautiful in the twilight.  It is such a romantic island and many couples come here for their wedding ceremony.

I just sat back, sipped my wine and enjoyed the view…..

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Photo of the day….The Wharf….

Sometimes theres no way to describe a photograph…

It is what it is….

This is one of those shots that turned out a lot better than anticipated. 🙂

The water was so still that day. The sea was such a gorgeous teal colour.

I love the clouds reflected in the water. Such a contrast to the roughness and texture of the post.

I framed it up and CLICK…..

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Photo of the day….enchanting water lilies….

Hi everyone,
I thought I’d finish the week off with a beautiful photograph for you to enjoy over the weekend.

This water lily is PERFECT 🙂

This beautiful scene was right near my hotel room in the Cook Islands.

I took lots of shots and I patiently waited for the bee to fly in and hover close to the flower….

I also love the colour in this photograph – especially the lilac, it’s so soft and beautiful…..

Have a great weekend. 🙂


Photo of the day…black & white sunset

Sunset….the end of a day and a great opportunity for a photograph…. 🙂

This photo was taken under Captain Cook bridge in Sydney’s southern suburbs looking towards Tom Ugly’s bridge…

I used a tripod and a long exposure to give the water that white milky effect..

I then converted the photo to black & white to give the scene a different feel…

I like it, what do you think?

Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear them. 🙂