Elysium – Artists for the Arctic Expedition 2015 – WE NEED YOUR HELP

For those of you that don’t know, I am incredibly passionate about the environment and our planet.

Earlier this year I applied to be part of ‘Elysium – Artists for the Arctic’ expedition, as a photographer, and my application was accepted.


ELYSIUM ARTISTS FOR THE ARCTIC is a project that combines the expertise of some of the world’s top scientists, artists, and explorers to create a multi-faceted interpretation of the Arctic. Artists for the Arctic hopes to inspire greater appreciation, understanding, and love for this critically important part of our planet, while drawing attention to the impacts of climate change. This icy ecosystem is regarded as one of the most enchanting wilderness regions of our planet, yet volatile and under severe threat from the warming of the world’s climate. This expedition promises to deliver the most awe-inspiring and stunning visual representation ever seen of the Arctic. The sights, sounds, and science captured by the Elysium Team will inspire ways to preserve and protect life at the top of the world through art, education, and outreach. 

Elysium’s Artistic team is comprised of photographers, cinematographers, musicians, fine artists, and modern artists who are tasked with producing images and sounds of the Arctic in their respective interpretations of this region of immense beauty.

We need YOUR HELP.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $350,000.

We’ll need $80,000 to bring in specialised scientific equipment: Open source Remotely Operated Vehicles {ROV’S} with HD cameras, temperature and salinity instruments, mobile aquarium and scientists to bring in the video plankton recorder, laboratory and plankton sampling equipment. We’ll need $85,000 to create and produce the Elysium limited edition book and movie, $25,000 for the Elysium Arctic Report,  $20,000 to produce the full soundtrack, and $150,000 to transport and curate exhibition for eight cities.

Please head here for Indiegogo if you would like to make a DONATION or find out more about this awesome project.

p.s. If you want to see the video I made on why saving the Arctic is SO IMPORTANT, click here.

thank you, every little bit helps.



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