A labour of love – a photobook of beautiful memories

Leesa approached me after her beloved Father passed away last year.

“He was a collector” she said…”I want all of his treasures photographed and made into a book that I can look at and cherish forever.”

This was definitely a project I wanted to be involved in…Taking your photographs and actually making them into something tangible that you can hold and look at is something I’m always encouraging my clients to do.

I spent a full day photographing all of his collections and pieces that he’d collected during his lifetime.

I photographed using a light tent with either a black or white background. There were small cars, photography books, beautiful old cameras, pieces from far away lands, radio valves – you name it – it was such an interesting collection of what essentially made up his life.

The second part of the project was recording Leesa’s accompanying words for each photograph.

I then spent time at my desk in photoshop fixing up the backgrounds and creating the layout for this gorgeous book.

I really got an insight into this wonderful man. He served in the Royal Australian Air Force, taught himself various languages, treatments for disease and art. He was integral in developing the Australian School of Film,Television & Radio. He also worked in television and taught Bio Medical Electronics, photography, astronomy and cosmology up until he was 80 years old. He was an avid traveller, learner and a collector of all sorts of treasures.

Even though Leesa was part of the ‘proofing’ process, and she had seen the finished product online, she was overwhelmed when she first looked at the book…

Thank you Leesa for giving me the opportunity to create something beautiful for you and your family. It was a privilege to work with you 🙂

Here is the link to the preview of the book and below some of my favourite pages from the book…click on the first pic to view them as a slideshow…..


One thought on “A labour of love – a photobook of beautiful memories

  1. To my beautiful friend Christine, Thank you for your passion and love of what you do. Your genuine need to create something beautiful has left me with a memory of my Dad that will be treasured for many years to come. He was a character and you were able to capture that beautifully. I loved the time we spent together for the development of my Dad’s book. I can’t thank you enough. Friends and family who have seen the book have also been genuinely touched by it. Thank you again.
    Leesa Kotis

    The Clutter Bug
    A Professional Organising Service
    Ph: 0421 030 428
    Email: leesa@theclutterbug.com.au
    Web: http://www.theclutterbug.com.au

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