Rachel, Adam & beautiful baby Jack

I really get to photograph some beautiful moments in life.

Having a baby is a huge moment, and I feel blessed to be part of that for a lot of families.

Rachel and Adam gave birth to gorgeous baby Jack earlier this year.

I had a wonderful time photographing the family. Adam and Rachel really enjoyed the experience and now have lots of wonderful photos PLUS a gorgeous photo book that they are giving copies of to everyone in the family….

Thanks Rachel and Adam for a fantastic day…

If you’d like a photoshoot of your baby, please contact me at bernasconiphotography.com or feel free to leave a comment below.

happy clicking

Chris 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Rachel, Adam & beautiful baby Jack

  1. OK – am responding from absolute ‘Dumbsville’! Are Rachel and Jack and Adam part of your family? [Yes, I know, stupid Q!!] Whatever, who taught that gorgeous bub to present himself to all photos so absolutely perfectly: OK! OK! perchance your abilities to catch moments had a lot to do with matters, BUT . . . . a beautiful photo series to have and to hold . . . and I DO love your new heading . . .

    1. Hi Eha, how are you? No, Rachel & Adam aren’t part of my family, but yes are friends!! I also love the pics, he was such a perfect boy on the day….Thanks also for your comments on my new logo, I’m SUPER happy with it x

      1. Just caught up with this 🙂 ! Come spring we really have to catch up with a cup of coffee in my neck of the world when you have the chance to > the ‘it’ of it all! Hope you enjoyed the ‘jumping photo’ of a young guy I DO hope to meet one day!!!

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