Training a GORGEOUS Super Puppy

As you all know, I work as a volunteer photographer for Assistance Dogs Australia .

They are a wonderful organisation who train Labradors and Golden Retrievers to help people with physical disabilities lead more independent lives.

Training a super puppy costs $27,000 and takes two years to train.

This beautiful puppy, Opal is lucky to have Caroline as a puppy raiser. Opal regularly attends puppy training classes and also goes out on field trips with the Assistance Dogs K9 team. Opal will come back to the National Training Centre when she is approx 14 months old to start her ‘Advanced Training’, and will be matched up with a suitable recipient when she is approx 2 years old as either a Service Dog, Companion Dog or a Facility Dog

If the K9 team decide that a dog won’t be suitable as an Assistance Dog, it is released from the program. There is a lengthy waiting list of people for these highly trained ‘Release Dogs.’

Aren’t they just a fantastic organisation? I am so lucky to be involved with them and I just LOVE being around the puppies 🙂

Thanks to Ryan (my eldest son :)) for assisting me at the shoot and providing some of these photos.

If you would like more information about making a donation, becoming a puppy raiser, or just finding out what this organisation is all about, click here.

Enjoy the pics. Click on the first pic to view all the pics as a slideshow.

Chris 🙂

One thought on “Training a GORGEOUS Super Puppy

  1. Oh Chris ~ As you may have gathered this is one of the causes closest to my heart! What a selection of warm, caring, beautiful photos including one of you [unless I am mistaken 🙂 !] with a bundle of wonderful joy in your arms. Since I have been oh so fortunate to have help two Labradors grow up and be trained myself with another wonderful Australian assistance organization I can fully understand how you feel ~ it shows in your photography anyways . . .

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