Lake Eucumbene – How blue is that Lake?

Lake Eucumbene is a very special place for my family.

My Father has been travelling to the Lake every Easter (and sometimes in October) for over 20 years.

Situated in the Snowy Mountains district of NSW, Lake Eucumbene lies approximately 440 km’s south west of Sydney.

Completed in 1958, the lake was created by damming part of the Eucumbene River as part of the mighty Snowy Mountains Scheme.

This lake holds around nine times the volume of water of Sydney Harbour, making it the largest storage lake in the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

It is approximately 1200 metres above sea level with an average depth of 33 meters.

A mecca for trout fishermen – including my Dad 🙂 – the lake holds good quantities of both rainbow and brown trout and also atlantic salmon.

Earlier this year, Ray and I travelled south to this beautiful part of the world to explore the area, recharge and spend time with our loved ones.

I’d forgotten how absolutely beautiful it is.

I love the shapes of the dead trees dotted along the shoreline, the stillness of the deep blue water and the incredible reflections…

We wandered around on foot, drove the 4WD up over the mountains looking at the remains of a Copper Mine and homes from times gone bye. I love checking out places where people have left their mark. I always wonder how they survived the isolation and hardship under such extreme weather conditions.

Naturally, the camera came with me 🙂 It clicked pretty much the whole time I was there….

I can’t wait to get back there…….

If you would like more information about this fantastic part of NSW visit

Enjoy the pics. Click on the first pic to view all the photos as a slideshow:)

4 thoughts on “Lake Eucumbene – How blue is that Lake?

  1. Great shots which capture the atmosphere of this fantastic place. Would have been great if locations were provided to enable fishermen like me to visit new banks and bays.

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