You won’t believe what these Super Dogs can do….

I was lucky enough to photograph Assistance Dogs Australia’s Dogtober 2013 Launch last week 🙂

Dogtober runs the entire month of October and is dedicated to celebrating your dog – in fact ALL dogs across the country. This event raises much needed funds and awareness for Assistance Dogs Australia.

Vegas, Nellie, Paws and Skoota (who are assistance dogs in training) were the drawcard for this event and the crowd enjoyed watching them show off their repertoire of AWESOME skills and techniques.

Sunshine (the Ambassador dog) was there getting lots of pats and attention from the crowd and Benson, the Facility Dog from Lake Illawarra High school showed us what he’s been learning 🙂

Did you know an assistance dog can pick up for the phone for a disabled person? Will bark for up to 30 minutes if their owner falls out of their wheelchair? They can even press the button for their owner to cross the road and open the fridge!!! How fantastic is that? It really is amazing what these dogs can do…

I’m so proud to be involved with this wonderful organisation 🙂

For more information on how YOU can help raise much needed funds for Assistance Dogs Australia, visit or

Enjoy the pics. Click on the first pic to view all the photos as a slideshow.

Chris 🙂

2 thoughts on “You won’t believe what these Super Dogs can do….

  1. Oh Christine: what a wonderful natural series of ‘puppy photos’! I hope the publishing of them will make many people think twice where they could help with the dollar they can spare!! OK, for a long time I was with a parallel organization and had the greatest joy to help bring up two seeing eye dogs from tiny puppyhood to when they were ready to be of quintessential help to someone in need! God bless the orgs and thank you so much for being part of dogtober!! This I would love to share!!

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