Cronulla Sharks Football Team – going above and beyond

It’s time to give the league players a wrap.

We have a very special person in our family, our son Paul who is severely intellectually disabled.

Just like his Dad, he is really into sport.

There are a few things in his life that make him SUPER happy.

His Dad, McDonalds chips, trains, being outside and the Cronulla Sharks Rugby League Football team.

Paul is a very passionate supporter and attends most National League games plus the New South Wales cup games with his Dad.

At each match, the players give Paul a high five as they run onto the field. He sits on the bench with the other players (and sometimes even the CEO) and yells and cheers when his Dad does during the game.

Afterwards, he heads to the fence where every player comes and gives him a cuddle 🙂

Then the best bit, he goes into the dressing room with the players. He just loves the noise and excitement.

Paul doesn’t know the score, the name of the game or even the fact that the game being played is part of a competition.

He only knows the colours of the team, the sharks logo, the familiar faces of the players and the way he feels when he’s with his Dad at the field.

All the players, trainers and coaches give their time to Paul and always have a kind word for him. They treat him like an old friend, with a smile and the utmost respect.

These young men are a credit to the club. They have everything – public recognition and the opportunity to play a game they love, They also have the compassion and kindness to recognise someone who doesn’t have half as much as they do…Good on you guys 🙂

Yesterday was ‘Fan Day’ at the club…Paul had his pic taken with most of the players, the CEO, the trainer and the coach….enjoy the pics….

Just click on the first pic to create a slideshow….

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