Antarctic Oceans – we need your help NOW!!


I am incredibly passionate about the Antarctic.

I’m also just a little bit of a ‘greenie’ 🙂

The oceans around the Antarctic are under threat and need your help. NOW.

Unfortunately illegal fishing, human intervention, tourism and global warming are affecting this pristine environment.


Adelie, gentoo and chinstrap penguins, humpback whales, weddell and leopard seals all thrive in this pristine environment. I have seen all these beautiful creatures first hand, and believe me, we DON’T want their numbers diminishing.


The Antarctic Ocean Alliance is an international coalition of leading environmental and conservation organisations that has identified over 40% of the Southern Ocean that needs protection.

Whilst progress has been made to protect Antarctica’s land mass, more needs to be done to protect the region’s incredible marine environment.

The Alliance has called for the establishment of the world’s largest network of Marine Protected Areas and no-take marine reserves to protect 19 key Antarctic marine habitats. (2012 – The Antarctic Ocean Alliance; “Antarctic Ocean Legacy – A Vision for Circumpolar Protection” ; 7/6/2013;

Do you want to help? Please sign the petition at Antarctic Ocean Alliance and take a moment to watch the video below.

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