The Antarctic or Italy or both?


Looking for something to do on this rainy Sunday in Sydney?

FROZEN LENSES – a photographic journey to the Antarctic is showing at Societe Food & Wine Bar – 1/9-15 Danks Street Waterloo.

Check out all the photos from our amazing journey to the Antarctic – stunning wildlife, beautiful blue ice and scenes that will take your breath away.

Call in and see Jad and Milton, have a coffee or a bite to eat and enjoy the spectacle that is the Antarctic.

Carol D’Amici will be there this afternoon to answer any questions about the images or our trip in general.


If you love everything about Italy, head to the belli bar – 80 Norton Street Leichhardt and check out my ‘Bella Italia’ exhibition.

These photographs show the amazing beauty and culture of this fascinating land.

Christine Bernasconi bella italia

Both of these exhibitions are part of the Head On Photo Festival.

2 thoughts on “The Antarctic or Italy or both?

  1. I visited Sydney for a couple of days last week lucky enough to have viewed Frozen Lenses exhibition brilliant contrasts sharp vibrant may have to put it on the bucket list>>>> well done nice to see it in melb

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