Antarctica…Camping on Danco Island

The trip of a lifetime…Antarctica….

There are so many moods to this wonderful place and so much for me to write and tell you about…

First things first…Did I really spend the night camped on the ice?

Yes. I did. How grateful and blessed I am.

We had a wonderful night. This video was made at around 10.15pm whilst still light..

It doesn’t really get dark, it just looks like someone has dimmed the lights for a couple of hours.

The bay was absolutely beautiful. So peaceful and still.

I saw a calving (a piece of ice breaking away from a glacier) and watched the waters in the bay ripple towards me, then suck back before the larger waves came.

A mini tsunami they call it. I call it mother nature going wild.

I woke up in the night to see an Orca Whale cutting his fin through the quiet waters of the bay and the penguin colony behind us continued its chatter all through the night…

In the morning a Leopard seal was laying on the snow near us heading towards the bay. He was HUGE, seriously and I just sat there in awe of this beautiful creature.

It really doesn’t get any better than this….

Enjoy the video.

Chris x

12 thoughts on “Antarctica…Camping on Danco Island

  1. It looks so peaceful there. How cold was it sleeping out in the open? I am looking forward to reading and seeing more of your Antarctica adventure!

    PS: I hope you got the email I sent you.

    1. Hi Lisa, it wasn’t as cold as you would think…It did rain over night, but I couldn’t have cared less….too many wonderful things going on around me…yes, I got your email and Im going to write an awesome post for you with lots of pics…regards chris

  2. Am laughing and just a tad jealous ’cause you obviously had a great time!! One place in the world I did not get to and perchance a wee bit late now, but having fun seeing it your way 🙂 ! Stop stating years ’cause you DO look -15 at least 🙂 !

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