South Coast Winery..what a great place to stumble upon…


I’ve had a super busy week.

I took Tuesday off though 🙂 and went to Nowra on the South Coast of NSW. I’d forgotten how wonderful it is to take off out of the city and appreciate the beautiful green countryside.

It is really good for your soul….

Looking for somewhere for lunch, we stumbled upon Silos Estate, a beautiful winery situated just minutes from Berry on the Princes Highway.

What a gorgeous place. The only problem was it was blowing a gale. And I mean seriously blowing a gale.

We had a fantastic lunch, drank some very morish wine and then set off to take some photos of the glorious vineyards and landscapes around us..

Enjoy the pics and have a wonderful weekend 🙂













2 thoughts on “South Coast Winery..what a great place to stumble upon…

  1. What absolutely beautiful photos of a day I’ll remember awhile – just about every pot in my garden decided to perambulate and my TV antenna moved over a metre!! I love your first photo of the white agapanthus: I have hundreds to look at whilst having coffee in bed at the moment: what a joy! Oh, sent your precious ‘gorgeously stupido’ labbies all over the world, but could did not know your email to send a copy of words spoken . . .

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