Black & White Photography – mood, contrast & tone…..

love black & white photography – the shadows, the contrast, the sublety and the mood – it is arguably the most popular photographic style ever.

Many of the world’s most successful photographers used black & white photography to express their vision – Henri Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams & Diane Arbus to name a few.

Black & whites are simple, the absence of colour places focus on the subject and emotion in the photograph.

It is also versatile and suits almost all styles of photography – portraits, street photography, architecture or landscapes.

Try it with all lighting conditions, especially low light which will give the photo a really moody feel.

If you are shooting digital you can either modify the settings on your camera to black & white, or as I do, shoot in colour and convert to black and white in photoshop…

So try it. You’ll be…

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