Japan..glorious gardens and the elusive Geisha

Japan…such a wonderful diverse place. Its been two years since I visited and I miss so many things about this beautiful country.

The people.

They are warm, friendly and unbelievably polite.

The food.

Its fantastic, cheap and plentiful.

The gardens.

We were there in the autumn. The colours of the leaves were so rich and dark. Absolutely glorious.


And the Geisha….We spent a couple of nights in the Gion district of Kyoto trying to track them down. They are fast and very adept at avoiding the camera. 🙂

Nevertheless our patience paid off. The different colour kimono’s, the make up and the ancient tradition and culture behind these women made them a joy to photograph…

I even managed to get one geisha to give me a half smile and look at the camera!


Have you been to Japan? What are your favourite memories?

Don’t forget to click on the photos to enlarge them.

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4 thoughts on “Japan..glorious gardens and the elusive Geisha

  1. Beautiful lady: you mentioned a number of factors – you omitted the utter feeling of peace . . . I have been hugely fortunate to have visited Japan over 30 times during my life – mostly for business, but always taking time to learn and enjoy! I first took my daughters when they were 6 and 8 – wondered how they would cope: just great – but their permanent love was being in ryokans in Kyoto, ’cause two small Western-born girls felt totally comfortable and loved there . . . beautiful photos to look at and remember!!

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