North Haven…a touch of paradise

North Haven is a beautiful, sleepy town on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia

Its approximately a 4 to 5 hour drive from Sydney.

My grandparents and parents spent a lot of their younger years holidaying here.

When I was a kid my parents also bought me here for holidays 🙂

I have so many memories…the beautiful beach, ice creams at the shop, North Brother lookout, the break wall, the pub, the caravan park….Its a place I think of often.

When my children were younger, I also holidayed with them at North Haven….I guess its a place thats holds a lot of tradition in my family.

My parents live here now. They enjoy the quietness of the town, the community spirit, the dolphins on the river and the new friends they have made.

To me its paradise….





3 thoughts on “North Haven…a touch of paradise

  1. What absolutely glorious photos I definitely shall keep! From the time I lived in the N Rivers, I have quite a number of dear friends resident from North Haven north. Amazing; half the emails I have received this year do speak of the dolphins: are there more or are we more aware?

    1. Hi Eha, we really do follow each other to the best places don’t we?
      Yes there really are lots of dolphins….I think there are more than there used to be….
      glad you liked the pics 🙂

      1. re dolphins: perhaps, just perhaps, people are ‘waking up’ as to what is worth it on this globe of ours – I have had three dear old friends and true posting re sightinggs! Always makes me feel good!! Have a lovely weekend when the winds die dowwn and it finally arrives!

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