Aah Venice…..

I am the luckiest girl on the planet. 🙂

In less than two weeks I leave on a 5 week trip of Italy, France and the UK. Yay!!

So today I thought I’d show you one of my favourite photos of Venice – a place I’ve visited twice before that truly took my breath away.

This beautiful city in Northern Italy is made up of 118 small islands linked by bridges. It was a major maritime force during the middle ages and also a trading centre for spice, silk and grain from the 13th century up till the end of the 17th century.

Also well renowned for its art and beauty, this ‘city of canals’ is also called the most romantic city in the world….

To me it was.

The first time I visited I drank it all in – got lost, saw all the sights, rode in a gondola, enjoyed the people and the FANTASTIC architecture. My favourite place of all was St Mark’s Square and the beautiful winged lion (the symbol of The Republic of Venice)

St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace were magnificent and it was right there in the square that I fell in love with the city. I imagined all the Venetians of long ago and wondered who else had fallen in love here? Who had met here? 

The second time I visited I was with a small tour group and we walked into the middle of the square holding hands with our eyes closed (I told them it would be a great way to get your first glimpse of the square)

When we opened our eyes, they gazed in awe at the beautiful church and the surrounding architecture of the square.

I was reduced to tears…So much beauty…

It was as if the city wrapped me up in itself. I’ll never forget how I felt there….

Im looking forward to having that feeling again….

Don’t forget to click on the photo to enlarge it 🙂

Have you been to Venice? Please feel free to contact me in the comments section below or on Facebook , twitter  or pinterest.


4 thoughts on “Aah Venice…..

  1. I’ve been to Venice !!!! Really romantic, Got crapped on by a pidgeon and it was 100 degrees and very humid and so so very crowded. I definitely have to go again to have a different experience and then perhaps I may share the love as you do. SueBee

  2. Love the photo: the silver on the ends of the gondolas, that particular blue sky! I have been three times methinks: but always lucky enough to stay for a week or so – you have to be in Venice at daybreak, you have to drink that last Bellini late at night – then all which daytrippers do not like belongs in another world. Our pub was the Gritti Palace on the Canal: beautiful to lean out on the balcony in your nightdress and listen to the sweet corniness of a singing gondolier . . . I kind’of felt sorry for a childhood friend now living in the US, when he talked about the smell and what he had found in the canals and why did they simply not just flood the place . . . different worlds, I prefer mine!

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