Photo of the day…beautiful Central Park

Its such a beautiful sunny day here in Sydney I thought I’d put up a photo with a beautiful blue sky. 🙂

Central Park is a fabulous space within New York City.

It is just over 4kms long and nearly a km wide, and runs north to south from 110th street to 59th street and east to west from 5th Avenue to Central Park West.

This crowded metropolis has a population of over 8 million people, yet in Central Park you can always find a spot to reflect and spend some time alone.

I’d love to be sitting on that lawn today, watching the world go by………

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One thought on “Photo of the day…beautiful Central Park

  1. I absolutely love this photo: not only is it beautifully taken/framed, but it depicts the kind of Central Parl we would all like to see: peaceful, without roads, hordes of people, business and noise: just the peacefulness of classic buildings and a beautiful day . . . thank you!

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