Photo of the day…Fox on the run….

This week Im going to show you my favourite ‘animal’ pics. 🙂

Sometimes with photography its a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

This photograph was taken at ‘Milton Park’ near Bowral, NSW.

I was admiring the wall and thinking of how to photograph the beautiful gate, when a fox appeared in front of me!

He paused, and then went on his way… just enough time for one shot.

Got it….. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Photo of the day…Fox on the run….

  1. Posing bold as brass methinks! Since this is less than 40 kms down the road, perchance I should keep MY camera on the ready 🙂 ! Lovely photo of one of my favourite parts of the Highlands anyways!

      1. Don’t laugh!! 40 kilometres in the country is but a hop-step-and-a-jump 🙂 ! And Bowral is in our ‘backyard’ or we in theirs!! Foxes, possums, rats, field mice – one has them, so does the other LD !

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