Photo of the day…Aah Paris….

Paris is an extraordinary city.

Its the city of love and light, great food and FANTASTIC architecture.. 🙂

I love the clouds in this photo…It really adds to the mood of the shot…

I’m travelling to Europe in September and will be spending 5 days in Paris…..I absolutely can’t wait 🙂

What do you like about Paris?

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2 thoughts on “Photo of the day…Aah Paris….

  1. Moody, moody day in Paris:the point where one makes a judgment as to how far one is from ‘home’ 🙂 ! London, Rome, Venice and, oddly, Copenhagen, ‘beat’ Paris in my European faves book, but when there I want to walk, walk and walk . . . perhaps go to the markets, then overspend outrageously on the goodies at Fauchon and > to the hotel avec a few bottles of wine to have an afternoon feast. At that point the clouds can do their own thing 🙂 !

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