Photo of the Day…The Silhouette

Sometimes photographs are easy to see – really easy.

We were travelling along Highway 1 between LA and San Francisco – the scenery along this stretch of coastline is SO spectacular. 🙂

Coming from Sydney (on the east coast of Australia) we don’t see the sun setting over the ocean, so I was really keen to take some photos. 🙂

Creating a silhouette is easy.  This effect is created when you shoot into the light.  It darkens down the foreground and silhouettes your main subject.

I love this photo…Ryan, my son, is holding a camera and is working out what he wants to photograph.

Don’t you love the golden colours created by the setting sun?

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3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day…The Silhouette

  1. Oblique response: – My given name is ‘Eha’. In Estonian that means ‘the last light of the day’ [Not twilight – the moments just past that!]. Had a very romantic father who saw me in Mom’s arms for the first time just at that moment. So how on earth do you think I feel about a pricelessly placed and taken photo just at that moment? Oh, remember when I was on the Coast Road > S in Ca for the first time: same feelings as in WA . . . twilight to me is something magical and you have captured that magic . . .

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