Photo of the Day…Rome – the Eternal City

Everyone in their lifetime has to go to Rome 🙂

It’s a living breathing history lesson…It is absolutely fascinating.

In the centre of Rome is an area called The Imperial forum or The Ancient ruins.

The Temple of Saturn was originally built in 497BC and later rebuilt between 360 and 380 AD. It is one of the oldest sacred places in Rome.

It served as Rome’s treasury (which may have been housed below the columns) and Julius Caesar once stood here, triumphant after he had emptied the treasury of all its gold and silver.

I stood there in awe…a building so rich in history with so many stories to tell….

Have you been to the Eternal City?

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One thought on “Photo of the Day…Rome – the Eternal City

  1. You have again taken this from an interesting viewpoint. The power structure below leading to the elegant columns against a blue sky up above. A fascinating perspective. [Huh, well, there happen to be a lot of hungry feral cats below and I had some rather youngish daughters along on that first Easter journey to Rome, and I better shut up . . . !]. History can become rather modern at times . . . 🙂 ! A very uplifting exposure . . .

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