Photo of the Day….Autumn – Osaka style…

This is Osaka Castle, Japan. This awesome structure was originally constructed in 1583 and is Osaka’s most famous landmark.

I was there on a beautiful autumn morning. The reflections in the moat and the rich colour of the trees are what stopped me and got my camera clicking 🙂

Heres another version of the photograph – oil painting style…I really like it, what do you think?

Thanks to everyone for all your comments and like on this blog over the past few weeks. I love reading them and wanted to thank all of you. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day….Autumn – Osaka style…

  1. I love the photo both ways, perhaps the original, as there is so much to take in, appeals more. But, from which side of the Castle did you take the photo? A very interesting back view? Have been there many times to face the multiple stories of the ancient building: methinks the tip of the roof may be there in the back centre?

    1. Hi there, thanks again for your comments..Yes, this shot was taken from the back….I seem to always shoot a scene from behind, then later see the more obvious shots….great place isn’t it?

      1. On a second ‘visit’ am taken in by the shadow play you have achieved and the reflections in the moat waters . . . much more interesting in a way to the view many of us know 🙂 !

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