Photo of the day…..Trees – in all their glory…

Its Autumn in Sydney, Australia at the moment  – my favourite time of the year  – and its beautiful. 🙂

As I drive around our city, all I’ve been doing is ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over the colours of the trees during the change of seasons.

So it got me thinking about trees and how much I love them…their grandness, the way they ‘change’ through the seasons, the way they nourish the earth….

The photo on the left was taken in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens.

This tree is truly fantastic…you can get an idea of how big it is by looking at the two people laying under it. I wonder how long its been there, overlooking Farm Cove?

The pic on the right was taken in Tokyo, Japan during the autumn. The colours of the leaves on this tree were so intense –  so full of rich, vibrant colour.

Whats your favourite season?

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11 thoughts on “Photo of the day…..Trees – in all their glory…

  1. I just adore trees Chris – thanks for sharing the photos – the fall one reminds me of walks thru the canadian forest (Fall was my fav season over there, crunching thru the fallen leaves is like a little bit of heaven)

  2. Beautiful Autumn photos. I should have had you advise me for my latest assignment 😉

  3. What a lovely contrast twixt spring and autumn. The Japanese photo is one of maples, methinks, but, what on earth have you captured in Sydney? I live in the Southern Highlands and a small crepe myrtle in front of my window has come into dark reds shaded with pink! In spite of that, spring with all new growth and blossoms remains my favourite season. Thank you for ‘taking me back’ to beautiful Sydney!

  4. Hi mate.
    tammys daddy nice to jion the clan love the pics.
    i have a lake Illawarra flame tree when i’ts in flower bloody beautiful
    you have to take a pic for me.

      1. Am having a quiet laugh from the sidelines: just before Christmas if all the Illawarras I have ever met are anything to go by 🙂 !

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