More than you imagine photography competition – Highly commended Award!!

Earlier this year I started on a photography project which involves photographing old cameras, photographers and  photographs.

I am really fascinated with the actual history of individual cameras and the photographers who owned them.. Who did the camera belong too? Did the camera travel the world? Is it still in the family? Where are the photographs now? I love to find old pictures taken by these cameras and photograph them with a family member or a camera from the same era.

My project focuses on telling the  story of these cameras and their photographers. It also highlights the importance of photography in our every day life.

I entered four photographs in Sydney Institute’s (Tafe) ‘More than you Imagine’ Multimedia competition. The challenge was to come up with a photograph (or series of photographs) that depicted ‘More than you imagine’. Two of my photographs were shortlisted and are featured in the More than You Imagine Multimedia Exhibition, 4th – 16th October 2011, The Muse ( Building C), Ultimo College, Harris St, Ultimo NSW.








This image, ‘A moment in Time’ received a ‘highly commended’ and $500 in prize money!! The woman in the photograph is my Grandmother…The synopsis attached to the photo is;

What wonderful scenes were captured over the past 70 years using this camera? Families and loved ones, beautiful landscapes, the Great Depression or the World at War? An exquisite piece of equipment, the camera gives the photographer the power to capture a moment and record their view of the world. Who held this camera in their hands?  What did they see and feel through the lens?  How carefully did they frame a scene?  Who did they ask to smile? Are people still lovingly looking at a photograph taken by this camera? It’s more than you can imagine…








This image was also shortlisted and is also featured in the exhibition. ‘Days gone by’ focuses on Geoffrey William Isley, the photographer. He is the boy in the photograph. The camera is his (given to him as a young man) and the photograph of the car was taken by him. The other two photos are of Geoffrey Isley and his wife Kathrine. The synopsis attached to this photo is;

When Geoffrey William Isley purchased this camera as a young man, the passion for photography he would develop and the life events that it would record for him were more than he could possibly have imagined.  

He is no longer with us, but the photos taken with his camera continue to tell his story.











This image is of Geoffrey William Isleys’ camera, held by his 89 year old wife, Kathrine Noele Isley.








This is my camera. It is a Kodak Retina 1B. It was my Fathers, who handed it over to me a couple of years ago. It is one of my most treasured possessions. Every photograph taken by my Father as a young man and the complete history of my family up until the late 1970’s was recorded on this camera.









Here I am with my two photographs last night at the Exhibition. Congratulations to all the other winners.

Remember to click on the photos to enlarge them,

Please feel free to ask any questions or leave comments

till next time


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