A Belated Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,

A very, very late Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas and New Year. I spent alot of time with my family, had some time in Forster, The Cook Islands and North Haven….I can’t believe I’ve been back at my desk for a month and already this year is shaping up to be as busy as ever!

I photographed some fantastic weddings towards the end of last year..thanks again to Albert & Stella, Elizabeth & Jeff, Alisa & Ben and Sommer & Andy…

Also thanks to the Edworthy & Tangye Families – we had a lot of fun at our Family Photo sessions…if your interested in seeing any of the pics go to http://www.bernasconiphotography.com and check out the both the Wedding and Portrait galleries.

This year Bernasconi Photography will again be affiliated with ‘Assistance Dogs Australia’.Im also very excited about all of my up and coming weddings and family photo shoots..

I had a FANTASTIC 2009 and would like to share with you my favourite photos of the year..

Remember to click on them to enlarge them and if you wanna share any thoughts about the photos, please let me know!!

This was the view from the deck as we left Sydney Harbour on our ‘Dawn Princess’ Cruise in January.

This shot was also taken from the Dawn Princess. This was sunrise on our last morning aboard.

In February, I was lucky enough to see the Queen Mary 2 come into our harbour. It was a beautiful sight.

In April, Ray and I went to Western Plains Zoo. This is one of my favourite shots. The giraffes really are the coolest animals!

I love this zebra. He couldn’t have posed any better for me!!

This jackal was intense and eyeing off his dinner!

This shot was taken on the road into Hill End. There were so many abandoned farm houses along the way…click, click, click!

This shot was also taken near Hill End. Everything was so green….more clicking!

Another beautiful view from the road into Hill End.

I am very lucky to have 3 very good friends who LOVE photography as much as I do….This shot was taken outside St. Marys Cathedral in July 2009 on one of our photography days.

Me and two of my best friends went on a seaplane up to Jonahs at Whale Beach for a fantastic lunch. The flight was sensational…This is one of the many views seen from the plane.

We spent New Years Eve in Forster. I’d forgotten what a nice place it was. They had the best Fireworks display I’ve seen in a long time!!

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