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All the latest from my desk + this weeks fantastic tours…


Originally posted on click walk learn:

Hi everyone,

It’s been a VERY BUSY  few weeks at click.walk.learn….

The Kelo family invited me into their home for the day to teach Amy and Nicole all about their cameras and how to take better pics….

What a wonderful day we had, lots of learning, a beautiful paella for lunch and wonderful company…We practised photographing the children – Sophie, Mia and Charlie…what super cute subjects they were!!….

Thanks guys it was an awesome day…

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Living in Melbourne didn’t deter Catherine from wanting a private click.walk.learn tour.

She flew up to Sydney for the day and we explored La Perouse, Waverley Cemetery, Vaucluse and Watsons Bay. It was a beautiful Autumn day and Catherine learnt SO much about her camera and how to be a better photographer. Thanks for a wonderful day out Catherine, I’m really looking forward to seeing your photos :)

Do you want to learn more about your camera…

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Up, Up and away….my Hot Air Balloon Adventure….


It was an early start. I mean a really early start :)

We arrived at the meeting point at Camden {on the outskirts of Sydney} all ready for our ‘hot air ballooning’ experience.

Ray and I and the other 7 passengers bundled into the 4WD and set off to our departure point {a field on someones property.}

It was a bigger deal than I thought…

Every few kilometres we pulled over to the side of the road and let off a small balloon to see which way the wind was blowing.

“All good” said the pilot. “We will be flying today.”

“I thought we were flying today anyway” I said…. “If the wind is too strong, or there is a sudden change in the weather, we don’t fly, its back home to bed for you.” said the pilot…

There were smiles all around…the biggest of all was mine.

We parked in a paddock and set up the basket on it’s side and unpacked the balloon…it was such a beautiful morning, and you know me, I was concentrating on taking pics and looking at the moon and the scenery all around me…everyone else was working to get the balloon inflated…. :)

The first time the burner was turned on to fill the balloon with hot air, I nearly dropped the camera….I was so excited and couldn’t wait to be airborne.

The balloon was inflated in no time. We all bundled into the basket, the burner was turned on again and all of a sudden….up, up and away….

WOW….the first thing I loved about this experience was the lack of noise..So peaceful and such a wonderful ‘birds eye view’ of the world below….

We had another couple of balloons who were with flying with us, so I was able to photograph a balloon up in the air, which was SO, SO good…

We drifted over homes, farms and misty bushland….It was fantastic..

Then the sun came up, and created such beautiful light and shadows, that my camera was going nutso….

We were up in the air for around an hour….It was one of the most magical experiences ever! I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends who know me so well, and bought me this adventure for my birthday.

All too soon, it came time for landing….and landing a balloon isn’t as easy as I thought. At one point the pilot wanted to land, but the wind prevented that, so we ended up further afield landing on a cricket field…..

All of a sudden we were back to earth and it was all over…..

I continued to photograph the balloon whilst everyone packed it up {clever aren’t I?}

We then headed back to Camden for a big breakfast, coffee and a debrief…..

If you want the experience of a lifetime….go hot air ballooning…I went with Balloon Aloft. The service, attention to detail and the whole experience in general, was amazing…Try it….It took me until I was 50 years old….

enjoy the pics….

If you’ve been hot air ballooning, I’d love to hear your experience. Feel free to leave a comment below….Click on the first pic to view them as a slideshow..

Chris :)




Sydney Royal Arts & Crafts Night 2014


I enter the Sydney Royal Easter Show photography competition every year.

I love entering competitions. It is a great opportunity to have your work judged and seen by your peers, others in the photographic industry and the community in general.

The competition was fierce this year!

I enjoyed viewing all the photographers excellent works and getting their slant on the way they view and interpret the meaning of the four photography categories.

I am very happy to say that my favourite image ‘Lake Eucumbene’ sold last night :) I’m very proud of this photograph and LOVE the idea that someone wants my image hanging in their home :)

Congratulations to all the winners.

Here are my four entries:

Rural Australia – Lake Eucumbene NSW


Portrait, Human Form – Woman in Bergamot, Italy


Urban Landscape – Valparaiso, Chile


Open Section – Gondoliers, Italy


Happy clicking,

Chris :)






































From my desk…. 3 new photography tours added :)


Originally posted on click walk learn:


WOW, it’s been an busy few weeks….

4 private photography tours, a great tour of The Rocks, some photography ‘mentoring’ and lots of time spent designing some great new photography tours for you

The first BRAND NEW tour takes in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Hyde Park and Darling Harbour :) As always this tour is designed for all levels of photography and it doesn’t matter whether you have a point and shoot or a fancy DSLR…
The date is Saturday 12th April and spots are already filling up fast!! Remember it’s a small group of 6 people to ensure that you have as much time with me as possible.
For bookings and more information click here :)

Due to the success of my first tour in Canberra, I have put together another tour to take advantage of the Autumn colours in the cooler regions. The ‘Southern HighlandsPhotography Tour’ is…

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Thanks for the good times Dame Quentin Bryce


It’s been a long road as a photographer.

Getting noticed and getting your name out there is a big part of the process.

I have worked tirelessly for Assistance Dogs Australia and Dame Quentin Bryce was the first ‘famous person’ I photographed.

I was part of a media contingent and was {looking back} way out of my league.

She was an absolute class act.

She was warm, considerate and absolutely cared about every single person she met.

I was the new kid on the block and she new that…

I took her to a more photographic place at Yarralumla to take a portrait of her with her namesake assistance dog ‘Quentin.”


She couldn’t have been more accomodating.

I got a great shot which subsequently raised my profile as a photographer.

Thanks Quentin, I personally want to wish you all the best. You made me feel ‘normal’ and made me feel as is ‘famous people’ were normal too.

I had the privilege of photographing her another few times during her role as Governor General and I really thank Assistance Dogs Australia for giving me the opportunity to photograph such a high profile Australian.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today is the day she exits her role as ‘Governor General of Australia.’ Thanks for all you’ve given us as a female Governor General of Australia, you are a wonderful woman and I really enjoyed meeting you.

enjoy the family and the grandkids….and by the way, pink is also my favourite colour….

yours sincerely


Chris Bernasconi



click.walk.learn tour Canberra Sat 22nd March


Hi everyone,

Saturday’s click.walk.learn tour of Canberra was a huge success!! Everyone did a ‘sun dance’ before Saturday and this beautiful city turned on a stunning Autumn day!

What a wonderful, friendly group of photographers they were! We had 5 point and shoot cameras and 3 dslr’s. Everyone learnt SO much about their cameras and photography and there was SO much creative energy!!

I always love going to Canberra. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my Dad used to take us there. I remember photographing the buildings then (with my Kodak Instamatic) and Saturday was no different..except now I have a much better camera :)

Do you live in Canberra and want to learn more about photography and your camera? Or do you live in Sydney and would like the opportunity to come and photograph our Nations Capital?

I’ll be putting up some new dates in the next few weeks for a basic photography course in Canberra PLUS an advanced course for anyone that would like to UP their photography skills even more!! If you are interested in coming along, please head to click.walk.learn and click on the link on the top left of the home page. That way you’ll be the first to know when the dates are released!!

These are some of the pics I took on Saturday…

happy clicking
Chris :)

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From my desk…all the news from click.walk.learn photography tours Sydney


Hi everyone,

How are you all? Wow, what a busy few weeks it’s been…So much has been going on with click.walk.learn…read on to find out all the news and info and how you can learn more about photography and your camera :)

First of all I received a wonderful testimonial this morning from a student who joined me on a tour of Cockatoo Island….

“I’ve always been told I have an OK eye for photography but I have to take lots of photos of the same thing to find something that looks good. The biggest problem of this was that I always shot in auto mode despite having a Canon DSLR camera, so naturally I don’t know what the camera has done to make it look good…
Auto mode is exactly what Christine Bernasconi of Click, Walk Learn Photography Tours promised I will never use again! With a 30 minute run through of how to set the camera to Aperture Priority mode we were off and away around picturesque Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour with Christine pointing out potential shoots with gentle guidance on what might make the shot a winner.
Aperture, depth of field, exposure compensation, even black and white – it was all informative and understandable. And what I loved was that the tour wasn’t rigid, if I saw something off to the side I could just wander away and experiment before finding my way back to the group. Christine also knows her cameras and was very patient when explaining something that took my head a while to get around.
A week later I had my critique back with very encouraging words and further advice on what I could try with the shot again in the future. Also I found friends and family who have liked my photos from the past, LOVED the photos from this tour. So if you want to simply and easily learn how to get off Auto Mode all the while exploring some great locations and taking amazing shots then I can’t recommend Click Walk Learn Photograph Tours with Christine Bernasconi enough.
And Christine was right, I will never use Auto Mode again!”

Glenn Martin, Canberra

Phew, that blew my head off!! Thanks so much Glenn, here are some of his pics, I’m sure you’ll agree, he’s a natural and has a wonderful eye for photography…..

I have had a tour on Cockatoo Island, a couple of private tours and have designed a new tour at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. This advanced tour is designed to make YOU a better photographer….
It’s for anyone thats done a basic tour with me (or who knows their stuff) and wants to up their skills. We will explore portraiture (of animals – of course) plus continuous focusing and the use of polarizing filters…The date is set for the Saturday 17th May, if you’re interested, navigate here to find out all the details and secure your booking.
My next tour basic photography tour (for everyone) is at The Rocks on Saturday 29th March…..if you want to learn more about your camera and photography…navigate here to join me and explore the wonderful world of your camera.

I’m also in the process of releasing a few other tours outside of Sydney and can’t wait to share all the info with you…

Last, but not least, here’s a pic of me explaining how to photograph a ‘hills hoist’ taken by the lovely Sophie…..(really does that need explanation?)…

Cockatoo_March 8_2014 175

For now though, I have a full tour of Canberra tomorrow for some SUPER enthusiastic photographers in our nations capital Canberra…I can’t wait to get there…

until next time,
happy clicking,



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